The French Mountain Guide Association

The French Mountain Guide Association (or SNGM in French), whose Head Office is in Francin (Savoie), unites almost every single mountain guide in France.
As a professional trade union, it is governed by the French Law of 1884.
On behalf of its 1800 members, the FMGA negotiates Civil Liability cover for the profession as a whole, as well as organising and representing the profession in dealings with the authorities or institutional partners.
It also organises and oversees the obligatory on-going training of all guides.
Created in 1945, following the initiative of Armand Charlet, it will celebrate its 70th year in 2016.
The French Mountain Guide Association groups together both lone freelancer guides and local guide groups and offices.
- In 2012, there were 1800 members, of whom almost 1600 were professionally active
- Of these 1600, around 55% are lone freelance mountain guides.  The remainder are self-employed members of local guide groups or guide companies.
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