Becoming a mountain guide

Before considering becoming a mountain guide, candidates are required to have had vast and varied mountaineering experience, as this will be necessary and heavily relied upon throughout their training.This training, made up of several modules, covers all technical, non-technical and teaching aspects of the activity.  It is spread out over 4-5 years and gives rise to many evaluations along the way, culminating in a final exam.

The diploma is often awarded after almost 10 years of intensive practice and personal experience as well as periods of learning and training.

The experience, ability and qualities acquired progressively throughout the training period as an aspirant guide, allows candidates to envisage a rich and diverse professional career.

The French National Ski & Mountaineering School

To find out more about the mountain guide training programme, visit the web site of the French National Ski & Mountaineering School (ENSA in French):